Go Lewis!

I don’t normally get terribly excited about sport, even the stuff I’m really interested in, but I find that I’m experiencing a real sense of anticipation as I await the start of the Brazilian Formula One Grand Prix. If Lewis Hamilton can win the championship today I’ll be pleased, and if he can do it in style by winning the race I’ll be very pleased indeed. I wasn’t able to get worked up about the rugby yesterday – it’s not a sport, it’s just a game – but this is exciting stuff.

Update: Bugger.

Team Orders

McLaren deny anti-Hamilton bias. I must admit that I felt a little aggrieved on behalf of Lewis Hamilton immediately after the race, but now that I’ve had a chance to think about it I find myself in agreement with Ron Dennis. The drivers are, first and foremost, part of the team and the team has to come first.

Monaco is unlike the other places where the drivers compete and requires a unique approach. There’s no point in losing one or both of your cars from the race unnecessarily. As things stand now, both Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton have a good crack at the title and there are plenty of races to come. It should be interesting.