This month’s Folkcast podcast is available now. If you like good music (and who doesn’t?) go and grab it now. There’s an excellent selection of stuff, including a song by an artist who’s new to me, Ruth Theodore. The great thing, I discovered, is that her album, Worm Food, is available as a free download. What more could you ask? Good music for nowt. Check her out and support her if you like what you hear. The same goes for all the other artists featured this month, of course.

FolkCast July ’08

This month’s edition of FolkCast is now available. It’s a special tribute show, after attacks on the Woven Wheat Whispers music site brought it down so many times that it was decided, very sadly, to abandon it. There really are some unpleasant people out there, people who seem to delight in destruction and in spoiling other folks’ pleasure for their own amusement. I can only hope that, somehow, they get what they deserve.

Folkcast January 2008

The latest podcast from Folkcast is now available. If you love good music I strongly recommend that you give it a try. Of particular merit this month is a wonderful track called Ulv, Ræv og Hare (Wolf, Fox and Hare) by Danish band Phønix. I tried to buy a copy of their latest album on the strength of this, but Amazon UK don’t seem to have it yet and I didn’t want to order it from Denmark. I could have had it as a download but I’m not too keen on the subscription services that stock it and the others all seem to require me to run Windows, which just isn’t going to happen. I guess I’ll just have to wait until Amazon have it or I find it elsewhere.

Update: After checking the prices of the band’s other albums on Amazon, where they’re available as imports from Germany, it became obvious that it would be cheaper for me to order the CD direct from Denmark, so I have. Including postage to the UK and Danish VAT (25%!!) it worked out at DKK 159.00, which I reckon is £15.73. Bargain.