Stealing Jenni in Stockwell

Last night we played for Camden Calling at the Cavendish Arms in Stockwell, and had a great time. Jenni’s brother Frank came along, and it was great to meet him. Also present were Matt, who videoed the entire proceedings, and his friend Guy and I was also very pleased to see Rob and Ellie. The nicest things were feeling more relaxed this time around, having more fun with the audience and seeing people singing along. There were one or two (or possibly more) moments where I fluffed the chords but, most importantly, we kept going and I managed to recover.

Unfortunately I was feeling very tired, not having slept terribly well for the previous two or three nights, so I had to make my excuses and leave early, something I’m normally reluctant to do as I feel it’s polite to see the other bands. Besides, there were some really good artists on the bill and it would have been lovely to hear them. I shall have to try to be more rested next time.

Forgetful? Me?

Being a complete idiot, I forgot about the overground strike last night until I arrived at Liverpool Street station as usual and remembered as I walked in. In my defence, I was pretty tired and on autopilot. Anyway, not much harm done – I just walked to Moorgate station and got the tube home from there. I shall try not to repeat the error tonight as Jenni and I have our final rehearsal before our gig in Stockwell on Sunday night. Who knows, I might even have all the songs committed to memory by then.

Stealing Jenni’s First Gig

Stealing Jenni

Last night was our first gig, courtesy of Camden Calling. I’d been extremely nervous but as it turned out I needn’t have been. There were one or two fluffs but essentially we did really well. It was Jenni’s birthday, too, so before we started there was a cake, bubbles in lieu of candles, and a rousing chorus of ‘Happy Birthday To You’. We played all six of the songs we’d decided to cover, the audience favourite being our slow, acoustic version of Britney Spears’ ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’, which went over very well indeed. The best news of all is that we’ve been asked to play again, which was my criterion for judging the evening a success, so I’m very pleased. A huge thanks to Alexis and Camden Calling for having faith and putting us on unauditioned.

You can find the complete set of photos here.

Gigs At Two Venues

OK, now I’ve got this site moved to a new host I can start blogging again properly. So last Tuesday my friend Jenni and I headed for the Underworld in Camden to see friends The Veil playing. Neither of us had seen them live before and I have to confess we were both suitably impressed. If Goth/Metal is your thing, give them a listen.

Once we were done there we headed over to Monto Water Rats to see The Quotes. Jenni had seen them before and had given me a copy of their album, which I really like. They were excellent live and a thoroughly good time was had, especially as we bumped into Ruth, who we’d met before at an SCA event.

An honourable mention also goes to Lux Lisbon, who were also on at Monto’s. Tight, poppy, good looking. Well worth seeing again.