An Afternoon in Docklands

Yesterday afternoon we spent a very enjoyable time in London’s Docklands. At least we did once we managed to actually get there. First there was trouble on the bus to Stratford when a group of people decided they didn’t want to pay. Eventually they got off and we were on our way again. On our arrival at Stratford we found that the DLR wasn’t running. There had been no notice of this; in fact, it wasn’t included in the station announcements along with the other lines that were closed. We found our way to the rail replacement bus, after a bit of grumbling, and soon we were on our way.

Once we arrived at Canary Wharf we located a handy pub where we had a drink while awaiting the rest of our party’s arrival. Having had a bit of a chinwag we spent a very enjoyable time in the Museum in Docklands, which currently has a very good Jack the Ripper exhibition on. Not so much about the murders as about the time in which they happened.

After that it was back to the pub for a meal before wandering over the road to the cinema to see Hellboy II, which was great fun. Not only does it look fantastic but there’s bags of humour. If you like that kind of special effects extravaganza, go and see it.

An uneventful couple of bus rides brought us home again at a not-too-unreasonable hour, but I’m still very glad it’s a bank holiday Monday today.

London Skeletons

Tales from beyond the grave

Beneath our feet, stories of the past lie waiting to be told.

Over the last 30 years, the Museum of London has excavated, examined and archived 17,000 skeletons. Now, 26 of them are to go on display at the Wellcome Trust in London.

They each have a story to tell about life in the capital hundreds of years ago.

Truly fascinating stuff. I think I’ll have to go and see them.

Winchester and Portsmouth

I won’t bore you with too many details of my weekend, but I will say that I had a fantastic time doing mediaeval re-enactment in Winchester, despite the cold, on Friday night and Saturday, before heading to Portsmouth to see the Mary Rose, which was very worthwhile. While there I was lucky enough to see the Sea Stallion, a replica Viking longship, and chat with a member of the crew.

I got home last night feeling absolutely knackered, but very happy. I’m still very very tired today. I’ve learnt my lesson; if I’m going to have a very busy weekend in the future I shall take the following Monday off.

Upstairs, Downstairs

Upstairs, downstairs. As Britain’s rich see their wealth grow are we risking a dislocation in society that would surprise our Tudor forefathers?

A nice little article that contrasts the way the super-rich live now with the way that their Tudor counterparts did, especially in their interactions with the less fortunate people who supported them, with some nice references to the re-enactments at Kentwell Hall, which really are worth visiting.