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A Good Saturday

I had a particularly good day yesterday, despite a poor start. I woke up with intermittent stomach cramps, which continued until the late afternoon. I thought perhaps I was having contractions! Anyway, undeterred by those, I headed out and met a friend for lunch in Crouch End. There really is no pleasure quite like a leisurely meal in good company.

After that a bit of a wander around the shops and then on to Archway for a bash organised by the local SCA, who are all very nice people indeed. There was music, singing and dancing (although I didn’t participate in the latter – I don’t dance). Beer was drunk and general chit-chat was indulged in. I even got a lift home, which was extremely kind. I had been worried about the stomach cramps but they stayed away nicely.

All in all, a splendid way to spend a Saturday. I should have days like that more often.


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