Tutorial No. 2

I had my second Open University Tutorial yesterday. The tutorial itself went very well, although the number of attendees was down on last time – just seven of us plus the tutor. The organisation of the college (which will remain nameless) where it was held, however, was awful. Most of us arrived in good time, only to find that our room was locked. By the time our tutor had arrived and gone in search of someone with the keys we were half an hour late starting, which meant, of course, that we were similarly late finishing and almost got locked in. At least the guys on the reception desk were expecting us, which was better than the first time around. I can only wonder what joys the next one will bring.

One thought on “Tutorial No. 2

  1. In my experience Nick, there will be around five of you next time. This number will increase shortly before a TMA is due. The “key” issue will remain throughout your course and everyone will have a great time at summer school.

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