Fred Dibnah Dead

Fred Dibnah has died. I was a big fan of Fred’s. His wonderful enthusiasm for Victorian engineering in general and steam engines in particular was contagious. He’ll be missed.

2 thoughts on “Fred Dibnah Dead

  1. the world is a poorer place without fred , i feel for the younguns to lose such an icon , ive grown to be 38 and the last 20 odd years ive been fastenated with steam and true victorian values , i feel so sad an icon has passed away , but i hope his teaching lives on to educate the play station stuck youth to follow , fed rip a loss for everyone ! a loss for what was true values and british eningeering !

  2. I would have loved to have met Fred Dibnah we had alot in common, we both love Steam engines, and ofcause engineering in general, but Fred is the subject to hand, i never missed a Fred Dibnah program on the TV and the tasks he took on for a man who was ill from 2001 onwards would make a good example to follow, i think of Fred most days, my thanks go out to his friends of which he had many who helped him on all his projects
    up to the Very Sad Day that we lost Our Fred. 1938 -2004.
    My Thanks to Nick Jordon also.
    Thomas L Bowley (74 years old)

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