I’ve become totally, helplessly addicted to Sudoku, a Japanese logic puzzle which can be anything from ridiculously easy to fiendishly difficult. The concept is simple: take a nine-by-nine grid of squares and divide it into nine three-by-three squares using bold lines, chuck in a few numbers to start off with and off you go. Each row, each column and each three-by-three block must contain all the digits from one to nine. It sounds simple and it is, with the easy puzzles giving you plenty of information to start you off. The more challenging ones give you fewer numbers to start with and have them carefully arranged to cause maximum headaches.

I’ve been doing the Times’ daily puzzles, which start on Mondays with a nice simple problem and finish on Saturdays with a prize problem, and I’ve also been scouring the net for more in order to feed my growing habit. This thing could eat my life very quickly if I let it.

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  1. Wow – just found this site,, it looks like the first actual game based on SuDoku. Anybody know anything about it yet, or have the book? I’m going to buy at the end of this month – so if anyone wants a game….

  2. Hi there

    just wanted to publically thank RubeusH for his plug on your blog, and to let you know that we have another Sudoku derived game out today for Christmas. Its called “FindYour9” and details can be found at

    Think inside the grid.

  3. Anyone out there who is a Sudoku Master? Anyone know of courses? I need a “total immersion” weekend from a Sudoku master – I would be happy to help set up such a residential course.

    I’m a qualified chef/caterer – could help in any way.
    Would just love to be able to solve the “tough” ones!

    Hope someone can help – Maureen W.

  4. If you want not just to play sudoku but to also learn hot tips and increase your skill, i recommend It has 5 very easy sudoku puzzles per day, 5 easy sudoku puzzles per day, 4 hard sudoku puzzles per day, 1 very hard sudoku puzzle per day and access to the e-book “Secrets to Solving Sudoku Puzzles”!


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