British Blogger Sacked

A British person has been sacked for writing a weblog. This kind of hysterical overreaction is exactly why I don’t mention work these days. Officially, I’ve been told that it’s OK as long as I don’t mention the name of the company or of any individual who works there and don’t update during working hours, which seems fair enough to me. The problem is that there’s nothing in writing to that effect so it’d be all to easy for them to change their minds. Safer all round if I just say nothing.

2 thoughts on “British Blogger Sacked

  1. That’s the last time I shop in Waterstones. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  2. Waterstones are the evil empire, and alongside all the other big chains are entirely in the pocket of the publishers, who pay vast sums of money to have their books promoted i.e. put on tables / in the window / 3 for 2 deals etc – nothing to do with what the staff may believe to be the quality of the books. It’s killing smaller-name writers who are just starting out and don’t have the weight of marketing behind them. Support small indies, who promote books on the basis of their own worth! (Of course, if I ever get published, and my publisher wants to pay Waterstones to put me on the table, well it’s completely fair enough.)

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