Problems With Bread

I have a big problem with the Kingsmill Toastie, a sliced loaf of bread designed specifically, apparently, to be toasted. The problem? It doesn’t fit in my toaster. There’s a bit at one end of the slice that sticks out and therefore remains pristine and unbrowned. Turning the wretched thing over halfway through the process just seems to result in something that’s fine at the ends but burnt to a crisp in the middle. Yes, I know I could use the grill but I’m lazy, OK?

2 thoughts on “Problems With Bread

  1. I could say an empathetic “Oh dear”, which may be all you wish to hear, or you may be pleased to hear my solution with oversized home-made bread, which is to slice a piece of bread in half and then to toast the two halves. Saves you all that frustration!

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