Yet Another Bloody Idiot

When you miss your exit on a roundabout, what do you do? That’s right, you continue on around it until you come back to where you want to be. That’s not what I saw someone doing last night on my way home from work, no sir. In the middle of rush hour traffic this particular fuckwit had stopped on a roundabout and was reversing back around it. What is the matter with some people?

3 thoughts on “Yet Another Bloody Idiot

  1. This has put a smile on my face. You obviously haven’t driven in Spain, where I live, and where cars seem to be sold without indicators. All cars except mine, that is.

  2. erm…just wrote a comment and can’t see it. Ok, it’s probably my fault. So I’ll type it again. I was saying that you’d put a smile on my face, and that you should see the way people drive over here(Spain), no indicating whatsoever, so it’s an adventure trying to guess what the geezer in front is going to do!

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