Blair Is A Liar

Geoffrey Wheatcroft says it very well in his piece for the Guardian arguing that the end does not justify the means and that the Prime Minister took the UK into a war based on a lie. Someone who does this does not deserve to lead their country and, furthermore, their party does not deserve to be in power ever again.

I have voted Labour in the past but this is just another reason (among others which I won’t go into here) that I will never, ever, vote for them again. Of course, I couldn’t possibly bring myself to vote Conservative either and I’m not too enamoured of the Liberal Democrats, so I guess that just leaves the Green party, assuming they field a candidate in my constituency in the upcoming General Election. If they don’t I doubt that I’ll be voting at all, which seems a shame.

3 thoughts on “Blair Is A Liar

  1. I’m in a fairly similar position myself. It’s a shocking state of affairs when all of the political parties are as bad as each other. All I want is some party that respects as much of the population as possible and makes a fairly respectable attempt at running the country.

  2. i have come to the same conclusion. i shall be checking out the greens (if there are any in our area) otherwise i shall probably go for lib dem. i don’t usually vote at all, but my brother has been getting at me. i’ve lost a lot of faith in politicians over the years and it seems to me that the only good ones are those in opposition. they always seem to know what should be done and they’re always squeeky clean (until they get in of course). did you see the panarama about blair?

  3. In the past I voted for the cat that was sat in the car park. I think there ought to be a box saying “All the above are blood sucking weasels and are no better than estate agents” (or words to that effect, you might want to substitute the estate agents thing with you second least favourite group of people).

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