Polling Day

I’ve done the dirty deed this evening and voted, although it was more out of a sense of duty than any real interest in the election. Being a bit of a liberal lefty I couldn’t possibly bring myself to vote Conservative, I refuse to vote Labour ever again because of the promises Tony Blair made and broke in 1997 and I don’t like the Green Party’s policy on animal testing, besides which they didn’t field a candidate in my constituency. That left me with the Liberal Democrats, who don’t have a chance of getting in around here so I feel that, in one sense at least, my vote was wasted. I have, though, expressed my view and done the right thing.

One consolation is that the local MP, Labour’s Neil Gerrard, seems to be pretty decent as politicians go and it looks as though he’ll win without too much trouble. I took the guy to task via email a while back as his website was rather out of date and I was surprised to receive a very nice reply from him, explaining that it was being redesigned. At least he’s contactable by email and actually bothers to read it, unlike some MPs.

One thought on “Polling Day

  1. I disagree that your vote was wasted. It contributed to the Lib Dems leapfrogging the Torries, pusing them into third place (The Tories had a MP in Walthamstow until 1992), provide the Lib Dems with teh second largest swing from Labour in London (over 12%) and thirdly puts Walthamstow amongst the top 100 most winable seats.

    Next year you will have an opportunity to vote for the Lib Dems locally. Locally the Lib Dems are already in second place (Labour 17 seats, Lib Dems 7 and Tories 0) and are set to make many more gains.

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