Speed Cameras

The distance from my home to the office where I work is roughly seven miles. In that short distance I pass seven speed cameras, most of them on open, straight, wide sections of road with no side turnings or other hazards. I refuse to believe that all of these locations are accident black spots, so I can only assume that the main reason for having so many cameras is to generate revenue.

Now, I’m not given to excessive speed as I have a strong desire to live a long and unmangled life but I do find this over-zealous use of speed cameras irritating. The imbeciles who brake sharply as they enter the marked area despite the fact that they were already within the speed limit and the cameras can be seen for miles are also deeply annoying, not because they cause me to brake – I stay too far back for that to be a problem – but just because of the lack of attention it displays. If they’re not aware of the fact that they’re approaching a camera or of what the speed limit or their own speed are, it doesn’t seem to me that they’re driving safely.

One thought on “Speed Cameras

  1. If the government can make money on the back of people who break the law, then fine. Accident black spot has little to do with it… if every speed sign was actually a camera, then all the better. Speed – get a fine – lose 3 pts – and repeat until they are band from driving, then they are a safer driver; an ex-driver.

    It would be better all round if people stopped hiding behind the accident black spot crap, and just admitted what it actually does.

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