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One of the real pleasures of my week is sitting at my computer on a Sunday morning with a cup of tea, listening to Mark Kermode’s film reviews, courtesy of the BBC’s podcasting service. It’s much more than just a bunch of reviews, good though they are, it’s a good half-hour or more of entertainment, often way better than the films under review.

6 thoughts on “Mark Kermode

  1. Agree entirely-Kermode and Mayo ar ethe new Morcambe and Wise (or possibly Hinge and Bracket)

  2. Hello there

    I couldnt agree more, it truly is the greatest paring ever created for radio. Did anyone here the show a couple of weeks ago where they had Terry Gilliam on. That was also brilliant, there was, what sounded like a true mutual respect between the two and they really gelled well together. That should happen more often. Terry himself said himself how much he had enjoyed it and would like to do it again.

    Lets make it happen. Does anyone know where you can get archived versions to download. I know you can listen again online and download only the last weeks show, but i would love to build up an archive all of his shows on mp3 format. That would be fantastic.

    Cheers everyone.


  3. Late comment, but agreed! Their good natured bickering is both funny and sharp. It’s the highlight of my podcasting week!!

    Listening to Mark’s phone ring during the latest one was hilarious. He was genuinely embarrassed!!


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