Who Cares?

So, it’s the Queen’s 80th birthday today, huh? I’d let you know exactly what I think of her and the rest of the royal family, but it would be a criminal offence for me to do so. Free speech? Not in this country.

2 thoughts on “Who Cares?

  1. Let me do it for you, as it’s no longer a hanging offence [AFAIK].

    Waste of time and money. We’re republican in all but name so we may as well save some money.

    When whe dies then that should be the end of it. All this tripe about tourists coming over here or overseas companies giving us business just because the royals have been there. What rubbish.

  2. Hi, Nick,
    Japan is another country that has royal family. They all *look* good and intelligent people. With their goodness and intelligence, they would be able to get along OK, if they stopped being royal. It would be much happier for them (and for us, of course). We are no longer living in the 19th century. But the royal family still exists and seems to continue to exist. What for? For whom? Puzzling…. It seems a little bit expensive to enjoy the luxury of having one.

    When it comes to royal family, most people become reluctant to criticize openly in our country, maybe like in your country.

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