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You know how sometimes you get a word stuck in your head? I’m experiencing that today with the word ‘ferruginous’, which means rust-coloured. It’s a splendid word. Roll it around on your tongue. Try to slip it into conversations. Ponder it for a bit.

In other, possibly not entirely unrelated, news – I’m feeling rather delicate this morning. I didn’t suffer from hangovers when I was young and foolish but now that I’m old and stupid I find that I do and it’s not fun. I’ve taken the obligatory paracetamol and I’ll try to drink plenty of water while I laze around in front of the TV. I’m so glad I don’t have to do much today and that I’m off work tomorrow.

One thought on “Word of the Day

  1. I’d have to look up the pronunciation of ‘ferruginous’ before I tried saying it, at least in company because otherwise I’d probably turn it into a word with a much different meaning. heh.

    Hope the hangover went quickly! I had a liqueur coffee and two glasses of wine last night and while it wasn’t enough to make me even slightly drunk, the mix did give me nasty headache. Being older isn’t fun at times, huh!

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