Reading Skills

Lyrics ‘stretch reading skills’.

Millions of adults in England have reading skills too poor to enable them to belt out many favourites from a karaoke autocue, research suggests.

The lyrics of the 10 most popular karaoke songs have been assessed and rated by government literacy experts.

Those tackling Robbie Williams’ Angels needed the reading skills required to pass five good GCSEs (Level 2).

Experts from the Get On literacy campaign said 17.8 million adults would not be able to follow the song.

Is it just me or is the figure of 17.8 million quoted above really scary? Reading is and always has been a huge part of my life, and I find it genuinely disturbing to think that so many people in this country lack such a basic skill. Apart from the practical considerations, reading has brought me more pleasure and fulfilment than just about anything else and I hate the thought of others missing out.

One thought on “Reading Skills

  1. yeah for real man. when your reading it opens up a whole new world then for example watching tv because in tv you are told what to think and how to imagine things but when you are reading you have to use your mind to imagine how the characters look and sound and act. i completely agree with you that is a very scary number

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