Playing Magic Again

Last night I played Magic: The Gathering (yes, I’m really that geeky) for the first time in years and was solidly trounced. Not that it mattered, I enjoyed myself. Playing games is a social thing for me, not a competitive one. A meal and a beer with friends is more what it’s about.

One thought on “Playing Magic Again

  1. I hear ya. I had stopped playing for years and recently got involved again. Friends and I play every Wednesday night for fun and we even tried our hand at a local tournament. It is dicouraging to see so many people using the cookie-cutter decks but not coming up with anything new. I build what I call “fun decks”. The decks that are simply fun to play. We chat, eat dinner, and then sit down to play 2-3 games of magic before it is time to head out and wait until the following week. The whole time, it is not about how fast you win but how you got to the win.

    It is a game. It is supposed to be fun. Never forget it 🙂


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