Monaco F1 GP

I have the flat to myself. I have snacks. I have beer. It’s the Monaco F1 Grand Prix today. I watched the qualifying yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it, and to say that I’m really looking forward to the main event would be an understatement.

I’d really like Lewis Hamilton to finish with a place on the podium again today but I’m prepared for disappointment. He’s shown that he’s a good driver and that he can mix it with the best of them but nobody can expect to finish in the top three every single time. We know he handles success extremely well but that’s only part of racing. It could actually be interesting to see how well he handles a setback. If he can fail and bounce right back it’ll prove that he really has what it takes to be a champion. We shall see.

One thought on “Monaco F1 GP

  1. Yep I’m looking forward to the race today too. Bearing any slip ups the Mclarens should get a one-two. I also think Lewis is going to go longer in the first stint, which could help him.

    But with those barriers so close to the track anything could happen!

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