Market, Book, Dr. Who. Not a Bad Day

Yesterday I had a bit of a wander round Walthamstow market where, rather wonderfully, a steel band was playing the theme from the Crystal Maze. I picked up a copy of Absolution Gap by Alastair Reynolds in Waterstone’s, which I’ve already started and am enjoying, and had a fry-up in one of the many cafes.

In the evening I watched a wonderfully scary episode of Dr. Who. The concept of creatures who look exactly like statues and are unable to move while they’re being observed but who can move incredibly quickly when you blink or look away was a good one, although I thought that they could have been dealt with rather easily by the suitable positioning of a mirror or two (can anyone say ‘Medusa’?). Still, they looked frightening, what with the fangs and clawing fingers, and I’m sure there are some appropriately traumatised children out there.

The plan for today is to watch MotoGP and Formula 1 while eating snacks and drinking beer. Well, it is Sunday, after all.

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