I spent the weekend just gone in Warwick, which is a very pretty little town with a lot of cool stuff to see. The obvious thing, Warwick Castle, is run by Tussauds and boy does it show. It’s extortionately expensive to get in (18.95 each for adults) and is full of gift shops and burger bars, with very little in the way of solid information about the place or its past occupants. I didn’t even manage to spot such basic details as when the various bits of it were built, although I can’t believe that sort of stuff isn’t there somewhere. You’d be hard-pressed to learn a lot simply by wandering around and reading signs, and the staff, although dressed up very nicely in various period outfits, weren’t terribly forthcoming, either.

Despite the disappointment of the castle the rest of the town was great, in particular the Collegiate Church of St. Mary, which boasts that it has the finest mediaeval chapel in the country and, having seen it, I’d find it hard to dispute that. Brownie points, too, for the Keep, a very nice little restaurant indeed. Not cheap but a very pleasurable way to finish off a day wandering about in the rain.

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