First Day Report

Today was my first day in my new job. I’ve spent the day trying to remember people’s names, re-familiarising myself with Windows (I haven’t used it for three years), doing some induction stuff and reading documentation. A pretty typical first day in a new company, basically, which has left my head going round and round.

The fun really started when I left the office. Some friends of mine were meeting in a pub nearby but I decided I’d rather just head home and crash, so I made my way to Liverpool Street station only to find that there was some sort of points problem just outside, which meant most of the trains were delayed. When my train finally deigned to put in an appearance so many people surged towards it that it was obvious I wasn’t likely to get on. Instead, I got home by tube and bus, which was pretty unpleasant on a drizzly November night.

So here I am, home rather later than usual and about to collapse in a heap in front of the TV. A good plan, I reckon.

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