The Great Facebook Take-Over

Back when I started this blog (in May 2000, I think) it was quite easy to see roughly how many people were reading it by simply looking at the site stats. In these days of RSS feeds and the like, though, it’s much more difficult. I know there aren’t as many people reading this as there used to be at one time, which is fine. I know it’s not that interesting. Besides, Facebook tends to be where links and other stuff are shared, at least for me and my friends.

As a result, I’ve been thinking about how this blog is used and what exactly it’s for. I haven’t come to any firm conclusions yet but I’d very much like to change the nature of what I post here. Facebook seems to me to be a better place for letting my friends know what I’ve been up to, so that type of post can probably go. I guess I’d like to reserve this space for when I have something a bit longer to write about, and which I feel might be of use or interest to the world at large. Expect, therefore, the frequency of posting to drop considerably.

If I know you and you’re not my friend on Facebook already, you’ll find a link to my profile in the sidebar.

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