Hampton Court

The Grounds at Hampton Court

This afternoon Jenny, Jenni and I decided to take a trip to Hampton Court. We piled into Jenni’s car and set off not long after midday. It took a while to get there thanks to the traffic but we weren’t in a great hurry. When we got there we had a very enjoyable wander around in the sunshine, taking in the kitchens and tapestries in particular, as Jenny wanted to see them, and managing to fit in sandwiches and scones as well. It really was a very lovely day out, as the photo above will testify, so we also took a stroll around the grounds, stopping off for a game of Pooh Sticks. Jenni had never played before so it seems only right that she won.

We avoided the maze, which was probably wise. I remember getting quite lost in there as a child and I had no great wish to repeat the experience. When we decided we’d had enough we headed home for a meal and a rest. It wasn’t the Sunday we’d initially planned but it was none the worse for that.

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