Classical Music Rocks!

I’ve always rather liked classical music. My mother played a lot of it when my brother and I were kids and much of it went in and stuck. However, I’ve never really known a great deal about it or explored it in any depth. I’ve found myself listening to it a lot more recently, and I’ve even bought the odd CD and MP3. And you know what? I’ve discovered that I more than rather like it. I’m still figuring out exactly what I do and don’t like, and I know next to nothing about any of it, but it feels as though I’m starting out on a real voyage of discovery, to use a rather tired metaphor. It’s exciting and new and, above all, fun. So, I’m trying a bit of everything and doing my best to keep an open mind and approach what I hear with fresh, unbiased ears. Any and all recommendations will be exceedingly welcome.

2 thoughts on “Classical Music Rocks!

  1. I find most of Bach very nice and restful – and you can get some quite neat interpretations: the Jacques Loussier Trio do instrumental jazz interpretations of them and others, for instance. I also like various bits of Prokofiev, Orff (mostly for Carmina Burana), Handel, and a whole lot of other bits and pieces.

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