Earlier this week, while taking my usual lunchtime stroll around Camden Town, I was stopped by a guy who asked if I’d be interested in being an extra in a big Hollywood film. When I said yes, he took some details and a couple of photos and said his casting agency would be in touch if they decided I was right.

Yesterday I received an email saying that they like the way I look (they’re after guys with long hair) and could I come in to the agency for more photos and a chat. So, I’ve booked the afternoon off work next Friday and arranged to pop by. I have to say that I’m quite excited at the prospect of being in a proper film, even just in the background or whatever, and also by seeing something of the process of making a big-budget movie. It’ll be an experience.

I shall keep you posted on my progress and, if I get to be in the film, I’ll try to write some stuff here about what happens.

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