Ask Nick – Skype

A question from Mike Henden:

i am an old git, so be gentle, can you tell me what ‘skype’ is and is it better than msn? how do i get it? down load it. i am on windows vista…………yeh i know hahaha . thanks nick

Skype is a piece of software that, as well as providing text-based chat, also allows users to talk to each other and, if they have webcams, see each other too. If both users have Skype installed, then the service is free. You can also use Skype to call ordinary telephones for a small charge and you can also have a phone number associated with Skype, that other people can call just as if it was a regular landline, but with the added bonus that you can take the number with you anywhere. I use Skype to provide me with a number in this way. Most mobile devices these days can run Skype, too.

In my opinion, Skype is way better than MSN. Try it for yourself and I think you’ll agree.

You can download Skype by visiting this page. Just follow the instructions to set up a free account.

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