…And Then There Were Three

I haven’t really posted much here recently, but life’s certainly been busy.

In June I had a phone call at work from Juliet to tell me that she’s pregnant. Cue much celebration! The scans that she’s had have shown that everything is good with the baby as far as can be ascertained, and that it’s a boy. After some deliberation we’ve decided to call him Maximilian Andrew Jordan. The due date is currently 23rd February 2014, but I’m aware that babies are rarely born bang on when they’re due. We shall see.

Beautiful Baby Blanket
Beautiful Baby Blanket

My friend Catherine made Max a really lovely blanket, which was the first gift we received for him, although my mum is, apparently, busy knitting. We’ve also bought a few items of clothing for him, including adorable bunny rabbit slippers, which I just couldn’t resist!

Ante-natal classes have been booked for January with the NCT, so right now it’s just a case of making sure we have all the stuff we’re going to need and reading up on all the Dad stuff I need to know, of which there seems to be a frightening amount.

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