An Unpleasant Task

This afternoon I performed a task which has to be done every few months, namely clearing nasty, smelly sludge from the drain at the rear of our house. Basically, I have to stir the bottom with a stick until all the water disappears then get my hand in there and pull out as much crap as possible before bunging a kettle full of boiling water down there for good measure and coming indoors and washing my hands very thoroughly. It’s unpleasant but it only takes a couple of minutes and only needs doing every few months, so it’s not too painful.

The drain is shared with next door, although it’s on our side of the fence. I’m pretty sure we’re not putting anything nasty down there so I think it must be them, but I’m not completely certain. If I was, maybe I could pluck up the courage to have a word but, in typical British fashion, I’d rather just deal with it.

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