Walthamstow Wanderings

I’d been meaning to visit Walthamstow Pump House museum for years but never got around to it. Well, today was the day. My 9 year old son, Max, and I took a fifteen minute stroll there and had an absolutely brilliant time. We thoroughly enjoyed the sight and sound of the steam engines as they ran, poked around the tube carriages and fire engine, and happily made a small donation. It was well worth it.

After leaving the museum, we headed over the road to St. James park where Max spent a happy time in the playground, and then we strolled home and had a spot of lunch. After that, Max, clearly not having had enough yet, decided he wanted to go to Leyton Jubilee Park, so off we went. I’m now thoroughly exhausted but I’m not complaining. It was good to be a bit more active than I have been of late, as well as to see Max beng active too.

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