New Year Honours

It’s the time of year when the Queen dishes out the gongs, mostly to people such as civil servants and captains of industry who have done nothing more than their jobs. As a passionate anti-Monarchist I can’t possibly approve of this. I’d love to see the current system scrapped and replaced with something more meaningful, where only people who have made genuine contributions are honoured.

It also seems to me that by accepting such things as the MBE, CBE and OBE, one is giving tacit support to the notion that it’s OK to have an empire, which as far as I’m concerned is dangerous nonsense.

5 thoughts on “New Year Honours

  1. I’m not sure, if I’ve understood everything, but as a german I just can support you in your oppinion. May the queen instead of doing this apologize for the negative press against Germany in Britain media?

  2. Um, hello…

    Just surfed on in to your site (what a dreadful turn of phrase) via the London Bloggers Tube Map, as I too have the dubious pleasure of lurking in Bounds Green, and am having a bash at this blogging thing.

    I like the way you write – not the most boring weblog! – and am off to have a nose around a bit more.

    Happy New Year


  3. Agreed. Monarchy is a ridiculous institution in a “modern” society. What gets me is the way that people simply accept that “they do a good job”. So would I if you gave me several millions and a couple of palaces! What is so daunting about chosing our head of state instead of having one foisted on us, simply because these people have the dubious privilege of having the right parents? How are Charles, William et al so well qualified that they should automatically have this role handed to them?

    Bah! Rant over.

    How’s the Smalltalk course going. Best programming language in the known universe, if you ask me. Concise, elegant, powerful.

    BTW, to the German poster. The Queen should not aplogise for any such racism, the media should. Unfortunately most of our media is run by Baron Murdoch of the Evil Empire. An Aussie naturalised into an American who has complete sway over British public opinion.

    Vive la revolution!

  4. How?s the Smalltalk course going.

    Err, I dunno, I’m doing a degree in Computing. I’ve never used Smalltalk, although I may get around to it sometime.

  5. Ah right, sorry then. I thought it was the Smalltalk course that the OU run (used to run?!)

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