Only Apologise If You Mean It

I never thought I’d be saying this, but I agree with Boris Johnson. As far as I can judge, Ken Livingstone’s recent remarks to a journalist were in no way anti-Semitic but, rather, reflected Mr. Livingstone’s hatred and contempt for the people who perpetrated the horrors of the Holocaust. Besides, what’s the point of saying you’re sorry if you’re not. It would be hollow and meaningless to do so simply to appease the idiots who’ve so overreacted over all this.

2 thoughts on “Only Apologise If You Mean It

  1. You know Ken Livingstone is on the ropes
    when he gets defended by Boris Johnson!!!
    The knives are out for Ken,although
    his record speaks for itself with his
    anti-racist policies at the G.L.C.
    and after.
    If I were Ken,I’d put in my notice to spend
    more time with the newts…
    Perhaps he could be Amphibian correspondent
    for “The Spectator”.

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