A Cunning Blend Of Art And Science

Do the people who process the images from the Hubble telescope turn them into art? They’re certainly very beautiful, and that’s party because of the aesthetic choices made by the people who take the rather unexciting monochrome images that Hubble produces and turn them into pictures that people like me want on their walls. As far as I’m concerned, that does indeed make them art.

2 thoughts on “A Cunning Blend Of Art And Science

  1. I think I might need to get a life. After hearing about the sad suicide of Hunter S. Thompson the first thing I do is come here to check Nick’s opinion. Come on Nick, let hear it. You gotta at least love the hells angel connection you fiend.

  2. I don’t really have that much to say on the subject, Mark. I think it’s very sad that anybody should take their own life, but that’s about it.

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