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Yesterday morning I loaded up the bike with camping equipment and headed off to the Pissed & Confused MCC’s Midsummer Rally, which was held at a very nice pub in Steeple, a quiet little village in Essex, not too far from Southend. The beer was good and I met some really great people, who helped make sure I had a truly excellent time.

I’m home again now and recovering slowly. I’ve definitely caught the sun – my face and arms are bright red, but fortunately not too sore. Sun screen is a very handy thing, even in England.

6 thoughts on “Bike Rally

  1. Hi Nick, nice to see there are a few rally bikers in here.
    I attended the Welsh Coast mcc, Ogri mcc, Barrel Bikers and Moonrakers mcc this year.
    Could i ask a favour i am setting up a web site selling camping equipment for bikers, stuff that would suit rallys and touring, i would be interested in your thoughts on its look and content.
    search under:- intents rally, and you’ll find it along with pictures of my dog and bikes.
    PS Would you recommend the pissed and confused rally.

  2. I’d definitely recommend the Pissed & Confused rally. It’s small but very friendly and well-organised.

  3. hi my name’s laura but im called moppit x errrm im goin to the pissed and confused rally 2008 and im 14 will i still hav laugh and how much money would i need all togeva x thnx 4 readin

  4. Hi Laura,

    Over and above the entrance fee, you’d really just need enough to buy food and drink for the weekend – it’s a small rally, so there aren’t many stalls to spend your cash at.

  5. Hi all, its RHINO here of the Pissed and Confused mccc. Just to let you all know that we have a few more stools and bands this year and we should be having our own entertainment boys for the games. Visit my space. Pissed and confused. for all the updated information.
    Keep Safe RHINO.

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