2 thoughts on “A Healthy Antidote

  1. OT:

    Nick, I keep meaning to ask you – where did you learn xhtml? Your page is really nice – simple, clear, easy to navigate. In particular I would like to change my site to use CSS to handle table layouts, but I have yet to see a decent step by step guide. Could you give me a pointer?

  2. Nicko me boy

    I am officially very old indeed. I have just heard on the news that James Doohan has died and passed comment upon it to the young gels who work alongside me (lucky things). Not only have they never even HEARD of the chap but they didn’t even recognise the character that he played and are of a generation that has never watched the original Star Trek. I feel doubly sad ….. firstly that he has died …… secondly that I am now working with people who were too young to have watched Star Trek.

    Have been reading through your blog – what is sudoku then? Am I also too old to know what THAT means?


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