Well Done, Eliza!

Earlier today I took delivery of the latest Eliza Carthy CD, Rough Music. I’ve just got it home and shoved it into my computer’s CD drive to play it and discovered something truly wonderful. As well as the usual standard CD stuff, every track has been provided in a number of formats – MP3, WAV, FLAC and, most brilliantly of all, Ogg Vorbis. If only more artists and their record companies were so sensible.

The music’s up to the usual extremely high standard as well, so I can put my hand on my heart and recommend that you rush out and buy it, not only to support an extremely talented musician but also to show the music industry that we want more of this sort of thing and we’re willing to part with good money for it.

Update: OK, so it appears I’ve been stupid. I’ve recently upgraded to a newer version of KDE and it was this that was providing the functionality I mentioned above. Rough Music is still a damn fine CD, though. Buy it.

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