Children In Need

Tonight the BBC runs its regular charity appeal, Children In Need. Now, I’ve got nothing against getting people to give a few quid for a worthy cause but, as far as television goes, this is about as bad as it can get. Several hours of endlessly-repeated phone numbers interspersed with back-slapping minor celebrities and ‘special’ versions of popular shows. Tell you what, guys, I’ll sell everything I own and give you the money if you’ll promise to take this crap off and never allow it to darken my screen again.

4 thoughts on “Children In Need

  1. Errr… there are other channels to view?! 😉

    Seriously – I don’t care how bad it is (and yes by the gods, it’s truly awful, from a talent point of view), as long as it raises money for the children of this country who need it. A country with the 4th largest economy I believe, but which still has children living in slums, children not being protected from abuse (in its many evil guises), children who are suffering from diseases which we are not investing enough in finding cures for, children… well I could go on, but I’ll just start hitting my desk, so I shan’t!

    The point is, there is so much crap telly out there. One night in the year it’s crap telly that raises ?30m for these poor kids. I’d say that alone is worth my license fee.

    OK, I’ll get off my soap box now.

  2. Marie: Definitely!

    Jean-Yves: I know there are plenty of other channels and I know (cover your ears, Marie) that you can switch the TV off and do something else but I really just wanted to comment on how awful Children In Need is as an evening’s viewing. I think it’s great that so much money is raised for a good cause, though.

  3. 🙂 Well, it’s a subject close to my heart. Soapbox has been broken up and slung on the fire, fear not!

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