Not A Good Start

I went up to Cambridge to celebrate the New Year, which was very nice. The journey home, however, was far from nice. The train back to London was stopped at Bishops Stortford because the train in front of it had hit someone on the line and killed them. It eventually went back up the line to Stanstead Airport, from where I jumped on a coach to Stratford and then a bus back home but it took ages and I was desperately hungry and thirsty by the time I got to London.

On the plus side, I did manage to catch ‘The Producers’ in Cambridge before I left and, while it’s not as good as the original, I did enjoy it very much. Good entertainment, but not great.

5 thoughts on “Not A Good Start

  1. Hi Nick,
    why are you doing that? going to Cambridge?
    Must have been bloody cold there at this time of the year 😉
    People like me get frostbite at 23 degreesC and
    people like you go to Cambridge in the middle of winter.

    Regards from Singapore.

    PS we had here for some days 23 degC at night and it was really NOT funny any more.

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