I got back yesterday from a mediaeval re-enactment weekend at Raglan Castle in South Wales, courtesy of the SCA.Basically, it was a couple of days’ worth of dressing up in silly outfits and drinking, and what’s wrong with that? The castle is very beautiful and we had the complete run of the place. I have to say that it looked very fine indeed with a load of pavilions pitched in the grounds and people wandering around in period costume.

I have to confess that I didn’t camp, unlike most people, but stayed in a hotel in the village, which was a nice comfortable way to do things. There’s no substitute for a comfy bed and a proper shower followed by a decent breakfast.

I have today off work so I’m spending it recovering. I’m surprisingly tired. I think that it was a good decision to take an extra day off and I’ll probably do it again next time.

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