A Day Out in London

Yesterday morning I got up early(ish) and made my way to Lambeth Palace, which was allowing visitors in as part of London’s Open Day. There was already a queue when I arrived so, pausing for a quick chat with a friend who’d arrived before me, I joined at the back end. After a few minutes some more friends arrived and came up the queue to chat for a bit, at which point an elderly lady behind us went completely ballistic, accusing them of queue jumping and even making a racist comment. She just wouldn’t stop talking long enough to allow anyone to get a word in so, after giving her a telling off, my friends made their way back to their place.

Anyway, after a while we found out that we were going to have to wait quite a while to get in and the others would have to wait considerably longer, so the decision was made to abandon Lambeth Palace and go and have a bite to eat in a local cafe. This done, the decision was made to wander across the river, visit a couple of shops (the Bead Shop and then Forbidden Planet), have a pub lunch and then pay a visit to the Cartoon Museum, which has a wonderful exhibition of W. Heath Robinson cartoons on and, to my great delight, a working version of one of his amazing contraptions, a device for assisting in the consumption of peas.

After all this, back home I came and collapsed for the rest of the day in a rather undignified heap. It’s surprisingly tiring, all this walking around stuff.

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