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I’ve been playing with the latest version of the Flock web browser, and it’s good. Very good. In fact, it’s come so far since the last time I tried it that it’s practically a different beast altogether. It now imports all your bookmarks, cookies etc. from Firefox, the browser upon which it’s based, flawlessly. It connects to services such as Flickr and Facebook automatically when you log in to them, and shows you a very nice summary of your contacts’ activities in a sidebar. It does all manner of cool things. But. I just can’t quite bring myself to use it as my main browser. Something’s still not quite right.

I think it’s partly that I can’t configure things I want to configure (I don’t want to see the bookmarks toolbar, but I do want to see the very handy Flock toolbar, for instance, but they seem to come together or not at all). It’s also partly that I don’t like the way RSS feed content is displayed and, while I could simply continue to use Google Reader as I do now, it goes against the grain to use Flock and not use all the facilities it offers.

In short, I recommend trying it. If you like it, and you may well, then use it. But I don’t think I’ll be switching just yet.

4 thoughts on “Flock 1.1

  1. Hey Nick,

    Thanks for the kind and honest words about Flock.

    I understand your frustration with how the Flockbar is locked in with the Favorites Toolbar. I’m hoping to get this fixed in the near future, but in the meantime what you can do is right-click the chrome and choose “customize”, then move the Flockbar icons you need to the level with the addressbar. Not a perfect fix, but it will then allow you to remove that extra vertical space.

    As for Google Reader, if you’d like to use it in Flock you can set Flock to point all feeds there instead of it’s own reader. I’d love to hear what you don’t like about our reader; we’re always trying to improve.

    Thanks again for the recommendation and the feedback!

    Evan Hamilton
    Flock Community Ambassador

    evan at flock dot com

  2. Hey Nick,

    Love your blog.. Fantastic news about Flock – can we get it installed?

    also on another note ….. can you fix our computers, Gez can make four cups of coffee in the time it takes to load a youtube clip.


  3. Hi Phil,

    1. I don’t know whether you can get it installed or not. Ask your IT dept.
    2. I probably can’t fix your computers. It depends on what OS you’re using.
    3. What biscuits?

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