Great British Beer Festival

After work yesterday I went to the Great British Beer Festival at Earl’s Court. I’d pre-booked my ticket but I needn’t have bothered as the usual massive queue was conspicuous by its absence. I bought a book at the CAMRA stall, met up with friends, listened to a rather crappy band, talked bollocks and (surprise, surprise) drank plenty of different beers.

It was a very enjoyable way to spend the evening although I can’t help thinking that simply going to the pub with the same group of friends would have been equally pleasurable. Still, I’m not compaining. A good time is a good time.

2 thoughts on “Great British Beer Festival

  1. Samantha Wolreich says:

    Dear Nick,

    I love your blog, but I have to say I was rather put off by your usage of inappropriate vocabulary – i.e. c****y, b*****ks – in this entry.

    I appreciate that you are a young man and this is an informal venue for expressing your opinions and feelings, whatever they may be. But in a way I always saw this as a family blog, and even encouraged my 11-year-old daughter to read it – giving her the chance I never had. There really isn’t that many examples for young children to learn from these days, and you seemed like one of the rare ones.

    So please consider this as a very sincere note from a friendly supporter.

    Best wishes,

    Samantha Wolreich

  2. Nick says:

    Hi Samantha,

    I’m glad you enjoy the blog. It’s especially nice to be called young!

    I’m sorry that you felt my use of language inappropriate, and I feel we’ll have to disagree on that one. I certainly know that when I was eleven I was well aware of much stronger language than that. Thanks for your comments, though, they’re appreciated.

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