Roman Baths

This weekend Jenny and I headed off to Bath with Steve and Jen, where we met up with fellow SCA folks Kevin and Mary for a visit to the Fashion Museum and the Roman baths. Kevin and Mary very graciously put us up for the night in their splendidly comfortable home, where they fed and watered us splendidly.

I’d been to Bath before and, of course, had seen the baths themselves. They were well worth a second visit and the Fashion Museum, which was a first for me, was very interesting as well. Especially as we’re in the throes of planning a wedding. My current thinking revolves around leather jeans, a white shirt and a knee-length jacket of some sort. I have only the vaguest idea of what Jenny’s planning, which is only right and proper.

Anyway, we headed back to London just after midday. I found myself surprisingly tired, and my eyes were closing as I sat in the car on the M4. This evening has been spent doing some washing and trying to relax before another busy week.

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