Bad Hair Day

Yesterday I made the huge mistake of going to get my hair cut. I’ve been trying to grow it for quite some time, so all I really wanted was the ends trimming and tidying up a bit. What I got horrified me and made me very angry and upset. He’s taken a colossal and unnecessary amount off the length and, just to cap it all, it’s not even the same length on both sides. Fortunately the latter isn’t too noticeable but I’m still very unhappy. I’ve been going to that particular barber for several years but I sure as hell won’t be going back.

On a more positive note, good friends Steve and Jen came over for a meal last night, and we set about planning our forthcoming holiday in Scotland. I’ve only been to South West Scotland before and am really looking forward to seeing more of it. Anyway, good conversation and good food and drink were had, which ended the day on a much more enjoyable note.

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