Off Work

I had another appointment with my GP this morning. I came away with a prescription for more of the same anti-depressants, advice to take a week off work (which I’m doing) and a promise of a referral to a psychiatrist. True to her word, later in the day I had a call from the local mental unit and, after a few questions to ascertain my level of need, I have an appointment with the psychiatrist next Friday. So, in the meantime I shall try to enjoy my week off and not get too down. I need to get out and about and see people in order to keep my mood from crashing, so that’s what I intend to try and do.

2 thoughts on “Off Work

  1. Hi Nick. Ron here from California. I’ve been thinking about you for the past few weeks. Not sure what to say, except I’ve been thinking about you… and hoping for the best for you.

    I think you’re right to get out and see people. This has always helped me. Also travel, to anywhere near or far, helps me.

    Keep moving on your week off, more from me soon, and I hope to see you some day.


  2. Hi Ron,

    That’s really kind of you. I really appreciate your concern. I’m going to try to make the most of my time off and I’ll try to stay positive. A great deal of that comes from not spending too much time on my own, so rest assured I’ll be doing my best to see people.

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