District 9

I’ve just got back from seeing District 9 and I’m very glad that I took the trouble to go out and see it. Even if science-fiction isn’t usually your cup of tea I’d still recommend it. Yes, it’s a none-too-subtle commentary on the way we treat immigrants and those we perceive as being different from ourselves and yes, it’s not saying anything new. But it’s clever, engaging and, to use the word so many others have applied to too many films, gritty. The pseudo documentary format of much of the film works well, the acting is good and the special effects are, as we’ve all come to expect these days, superb.

The only criticisms I could really level at it are that it’s quite predictable and that the ending is all-too-obviously leaving the way open for a sequel, presumably to be called ‘District 10’. That having been said, it’s well worth the money and the couple of hours of your time. You won’t be disappointed.

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