It’s Not a Game, It’s a Job

I’m really not a computer games fan. I’ve tried them and, for the most part, I really don’t get on with them. The only games I can consistently tolerate are first-person shooters, driving games and Scrabble (and Wordscraper) on Facebook. The games I really can’t stand are the ‘management’ type things. I’ve tried the Sims and I’ve recently been playing Farm Town on Facebook. The problem with these games, I think, is that they quickly become more like work than a means of relaxation. If I don’t tend my crops they’ll die. If I don’t constantly pander to my Sim he/she will be unhappy and I couldn’t have the misery of a computer-generated person on my conscience.

I know that many people love these things. They lovingly tend their Sim, farm, city, amusement park or whatever and seem to derive real pleasure from them. That’s great and I wouldn’t for one moment wish to deny them that. But for me there’s no enjoyment whatsoever in slaving away at an essentially meaningless¬† and never-ending task. So I’ll stick to blowing stuff up and being beaten at word games. Now if someone could combine Unreal Tournament with Scrabble…

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