Ask Nick – Supermarket Hierarchy

A really good question from Ian:

We all know that there is a supermarket hierarchy, as Alan Coren said “The best thing about Sainsburys is that it keeps the riff-raff out of Waitrose.” So my question is, what is the proper place of each supermarket in that hierarchy? (I’m assuming a supermarket must have at least half a dozen branches, so Fortnum & Mason doesn’t count!)

I reckon that the hierarchy runs something like this, in descending order of ‘poshness’:

  1. Waitrose
  2. Sainsbury’s
  3. Tesco
  4. Asda
  5. Co-op
  6. Morrison’s
  7. Budgen
  8. Iceland
  9. Lidl
  10. Aldi

I’m excluding Marks and Spencer’s Food Halls from the list as M&S isn’t really a supermarket as such. If it were to be placed, though, it’d probably have to go at the top.

I know I’ve left quite a few supermarkets out of this list, but I think I’ve got all the major ones.

3 thoughts on “Ask Nick – Supermarket Hierarchy

  1. Co-Op below Asda? Really? How interesting. We always thought we were being a bit posh by going to Co-Op… …and now we know those Asda people have been looking down on us!!

  2. All wrong in the middle. Asda is for scum, it’s like an episiode of Little Britain inside an Asda, and if you go after 8 at night, it’s like Dawn of the Dead, Co-op Morrisons and Budgens should all be above it. Co-op might go above Tesco actually. Also, Iceland doesn’t really count, as it’s not a proper supermarket.

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