Ask Nick – Post Natal Meals

Another one from Angela Howard:

I’m expecting a baby in a few week and I want to make some nice meals that I can freeze and reheat whn I’m exhausted and up to my eyes in nappies, any ideas what would be good? I hate ready meals and I’d like to make some things that Pat, the children and I can eat that are easy, but still taste nice and are reasonably healthy.

An interesting one, this, because I’m often in need of something quick, simple and tasty myself. When I was younger my mother used to make large batches of shepherd’s pies and cottage pies and bung them in the freezer. Grab one, reheat it and add some mixed vegetables and you’ve got yourself a decent meal with very little effort. So that’s my recommendation.

4 thoughts on “Ask Nick – Post Natal Meals

  1. Fish pie and corned beef hash are similar and equally good and cheap. I’ll send the recipes if you want them. Or just cook up a load of winter casseroles – beef, chicken, whatever They all freeze very well.

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